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We are Developers, coders, and specialists from diverse backgrounds, drawn together by a shared vision of protecting client and user experience.


At The wunderkind company, our mission is to serve clients better by providing the most cutting-edge and user-friendly websites in the industry


Our goal is to grow into a business that can effectively serve our clients and make them feel at ease, just as they do now.


When working with clients, we constantly keep the following moral principles in mind: 

Our Greatest Asset

Our team

Teamwork is the capacity to cooperate in the pursuit of a common goal. the capacity to align individual successes with organizational goals. It is the fuel that enables regular individuals to achieve extraordinary results.

Hola, This is David Lane. As a graduate in Business Marketing and having a father that was a computer teacher, the birth of a Digital Media Company was inevitable in my life. I started getting certified in Microsoft systems in 2006 and started dabbling in code around the same time. I found a passion for building websites and learning how to push traffic to those websites. Eventually, with over 14 years of experience, I'm confident in calling myself a Webmaster. The Wunderkind Company is a New Age Marketing Firm.


David Lane


I’ve always been an avid fan of everything related to technology. It was like the back of my hand; it came easily to me. Understanding and learning about technology was the most fun I had. After my graduation, it was definitely hard to decide which job sector to go towards, since at the time, technology wasn’t really a good option, luckily, I found out that a friend of mine went into developing websites, he learnt it from scratch and showed me websites he had started making, it inspired me to give it a shot. At last, I have achieved satisfaction in knowing I have my life goal and my profession. I’m in love with the process and always look forward to honing my craft every day.


Md. Lutful Sayem

Chief Executive Officer

I’m a business graduate and always have been a business guy…but deep down always wanted to be a software engineer! After having diverse experience in the business sector, I gathered enough courage to make the bold move and decided to revive the other person I kept silent in my heart and made my way to become a developer. I have always been keen to learn new stuff, and this hunger for learning helped me grow a lot. I love to stay connected with the people I know.  Fun fact about me: I maintain networking since my college days, and it has become a hobby to get back to every person I know at least once every six months. 


Md. Shorawordi Khan Shoykat

Chief Operating Officer

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Ryan Antoshik

Chief Technical Officer

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Mike Emmerton

Head Of Marketing

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Flora Jesper

Director Administration

I am a Front-End Developer / UI-UX Designer with more than 5 years of experience in this field. I expertise mainly on WordPress, but I am also adept in other CMS like Shopify, WIX, Squarespace etc. Whatever dream project/design you have in mind, I can bring it to reality with my skills. I offer websites that are clean, modern in look, fast & optimized for maximized scalability for future.  Outside work, I am a gamer and a Music enthusiast. I either play the guitar in my leisure or go full nerd and drown myself in online games. Lately, my favorite hobby would be playing the guitar and sing to my newborn son with my rugged voice, which he adores! 


Kazi Niloy Hasan

Senior Frontend Developer

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Kaiser Tushar

Senior Backend Developer

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Saiful Islam

Backend Developer

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Frontend Developer

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Sudipto Sakhari

Senior Backend Developer

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Evan Uddin

UX/UI Designer

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