TheWunderKindCompany is client first by default

Welcome to a better organization where you and your requirements come first

With WK, your website and data are your own, not that of technology firms, developers, or hackers.

Our services assist you in growing for a better customer experience that is by default scalable and simple to manage.

Your data, your rules

TheWunderKindCompany provides easy-to-scale website, App, LMS Solution, Community building, and much more, built on the principle of your data, your rules.

We can design and construct websites that increase brand awareness and connect with audiences to produce more leads and sales thanks to our knowledge in the digital realm. Whatever you need, we can carry out your idea thanks to our knowledge.

We will create your membership site, online community platform, or online school. We have the knowledge and experience to make your vision for an online community a reality. With our vast knowledge, we can help you to have your desired platform.

The post-covid world has shifted dramatically toward online learning. We are well-positioned to take your e-learning platform to the next level because we founded our company with an educational/structural design focus.

Create your own native iOS and Android mobile app! We give you all the options you need to match the look and feel of your app to your branding. With each update, the fast-evolving functional combination of Android & iOS devices has gained popularity. 

Reasons why people and businesses have signed up for TheWunderKindCompany

Your data, your rules

TheWunderKindCompany provides easy-to-scale website, App, LMS Solution, Community building, and much more, built on the principle of your data, your rules.

Client first

This means all clients need is prioritized by strict company policy. We are a neutral and safe haven for your work, committed to fulfilling your requirements.

Work made easy

WK services are so easy to use that anyone can use them. Easy onboarding process lets you instantly get started with services.

Security through transparency

WK was founded by developers, and we believe in research, peer review, and transparency. All our services are shared with clients with detailed documentation so that anyone can use them, inspect them, and trust them.

People before profits

WK’s core values include client first, integrity and always doing the right thing. Freedom, privacy, and security are deeply held beliefs that we will defend at any cost. That’s why we continue to provide free services after the work is done for a better society.

Strength through community

WK is more than just a company. It is a movement of freelancing developers, coders, designers,  contributors, and users committed to a better internet that respects and protects individual rights by default.

"David was engaged and excited to work on our project and we were excited to work with him. He has done projects very similar to ours before so it was great to have his input to be sure we are on the right track. The audit of our backend setup and creation of a staging site for us has been immensely helpful."
Steve Stary
"David was great. He shared his screen and showed me exactly what I needed to see. 100% Recommended!!!"
Richard Lane
Dave completed the cleanup and maintenance on my website with expertise. He completed the job in a very timely manner. he also gave advice on what was needed to keep the integrity of the site.
"David is very knowledgeable, friendly and an excellent communicator! I’m so glad to be working with you David and looking forward to future projects! Thank you so much!"
Nancy Rizk
David and his team were super helpful in getting my website off the ground.
Definitely knows what he is doing with LearnDash! Will use again.
He was amazing! David had great communication throughout the project and was very skilled in his profession. I would definitely recommend working with him.
Chris Nelson
David and his team at The WunderKind Company are extremely professional, talented and insightful to the current design trends. They were able to complete my project before the due date and within my budget. I 100% recommend them and look forward to working with them in the future.
Candace Balcom-Paulino
I think there are some B.S. reviews on this site, because many business owners don't want to make enemies when contractor stinks and wastes time and money. But David really is good. Easy to work with, very knowledgeable, and shoots straight. I 100% recommend him.
David was great to work with and was able to handle anything we threw at him. We plan to work more with him in the future.
Mountain Land Marketing

Our story begins at UPWORK, where the team was born

WK was founded in 2021 by David who met other developers in upwork and united over a shared vision of a more secure and client first services. We are developers, coders, and designers working to create better client experiences online.

We believe a better experience starts with WK

WK is building a better client experience where client requirements is priority and where you are in control. Join the company for one stop solution and protect your business with WK’s Client-first online services.

TheWunderKindCompany is client first 

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